Important Information for Clash at the Downs


ATTENTION TEAMS - For those of you attending the 'Clash at the Downs' this Friday Night, the entrance gate has changed. All teams must enter using the northern gate as pictured below. Pit sign in will be located directly behind the grandstands.

We are also asking that you bring your own tires and fuel. Tire sales at Hawkeye Downs will be limited.

Pit Gates - 3:00 PM

Practice - 4:30-4:55 PM and 5:10-5:30 PM

Qualifying - 6:00 PM

Drivers Meeting - 6:30 PM

Green Flag - 7:30 PM

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Star Spangled 76

Rockford Speedway
Saturday, July 3rd

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Top 8 in Points
As of 6/7/21

1 X Jon Reynolds Jr. 330
2 99B Tom Berens 288
3 49M Jerry Mueller 264
4 13E Nick Egan 248
5 2N Dale Nottestad 231
6 21L Mike Lloyd 221
7 11s Randy Sargent (r) 217
8 14B Grant Brown 215

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