Saturday, February 10, 2018

On the first weekend of January, the Big 8 Late Model Series released their three-year Rules Booklet for the upcoming 2018, 2019 & 2020 seasons. Shortly after that, many other tracks in the region who also run Big 8-type Late Models released their Rules Updates and updated Rules Booklets.

Upon release of these documents, vast differences were found with the rules for tracks and the Big 8 Series. In an effort to bridge the gap and bring tracks and the Series closer together, officials with the Big 8 Late Model Series have reached out to numerous parties in order to insure all parties involved will be able to prosper not only this season, but for seasons to come.

The following updates have been made to the Big 8 Late Model Series Rules Booklet:

Koni shocks WILL be allowed. 30 SERIES Part Numbers 7325, 7436, 7499, 7647, 9325, 9436 (adjustable, non-rebuildable) mandatory 7” on the front and 7” or 9” on rear only, bump stop enclosed in Koni package will NOT be allowed. Cars with Koni package on all corners will receive a 25 lb weight addition.

No Oil Filled or Oil Fill-style Hubs allowed

Any single, dual or four piston caliper brake system allowed with NO weight additions. Maximum retail price $190.

GM Stock Crate 604 compression limit 9.7 to 1. Base weight minimum 2750 lbs.

Chevy LS 5.3 Spec Engine base weight 2900 lbs

Fox River Racing Club (FRRC) Spec Engine allowed for those FRRC members who compete in 75% of FRRC events.

Add 25 lbs for right side exhaust out the door.

No digital gauges (including tach), no electronic monitoring computer devices capable of storing or transmitting information except for recall analog tach. All wiring must be visible for inspection.

**These rules now become part of the Big 8 Late Model Series three-year rule book and supersede those that were published on January 5, 2018.**


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